About this site

"Computer Stuff" is an experiment with a self-hosted Ghost instance.


It's running on:

  • Debian GNU/Linux 12 ("bookworm")
  • Ghost content management system
    • Using Oracle's MySQL for Debian. (Ghost claim support for the FOSS-world's preferred mariaDB and for sqlite3 will be dropped in the next major release, which is a shame).
    • Ghost's "Solo" theme, with CSS overrides to get the retro green-and-black "look".
  • AWS/EC2 t2.micro instance
    • 1 vCPU (burstable)
    • gp2 SSD storage (burstable)
    • 1GB RAM
      • With a 2GB swap partition; Ghost can overflow 1GB RAM when preparing images.
    • The t2.micro instance class is now superseded by the T3 & T4 generation, but this is a paid-up-front reserved instance until September 2024.

The machine also hosts another Ghost blog https://blog.timday.com

The "universal hacker emblem"?
The "universal hacker emblem"?